Sarah Abshire

Academic Planning and Completion Coordinator

Allison Adams

Nursing Simulation Lab Associate Professor/Nursing Department Head

Eve Anderson

WRU Specialist

Alisha Aucoin

Cardiopulmonary Care Instructor/Program Director

Jenifer Auffenberg

Math Assistant Professor/Math Department Head

Terry Authement

Math Assistant Professor

Catherine Barber

Perkins Regional Director

Martha Bardwell

Property & Compliance Coordinator

Nicollette Bergeron

Assistant Registrar

Cory Blanchard

Art Instructor/ Liberal Arts Department Head

Dwight Blanchard

Commercial Vehichle Operations Instructor

Alyson Blythe

English Assistant Professor

Beth Bonvillain

CDYC Instructor

Corey Bourg

Marine Diesel Engine Technology Instructor

Cashona Brewster

Welcome Desk Attendant

Mary Briscoe

Chemistry Assistant Professor/Natural Sciences Department Head

Maggie Bruce

Biology Instructor

Erica Burns

Biology Professor

Lynette Callahan

Office Systems Instructor

Tony Callais

Master Welding Instructor

Tracy Carmichael

Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration

Daniel Carrier

Maintenance Repairer II

Cassidy Carson

Institutional Research Analyst

Kara "KC" Celestine

Director of Library & Academic Support

Ginny Chaisson

English Lecturer

Jamie Chauvin

Interim WorkReady U Program Director

Josie Clark

Associate Dean of Energy & Advanced Technology

Trey Clark

Director of Enrollment, Admissions, and Financial Aid

Kelly Clement

Criminal Justice Instructor

Nancy Clement

Dean of Energy & Advanced Technologies

Caudell Collins

Maintenance Repairer 2

Alli Comeaux

Grants Accountant

Dr. Carrie Cortez

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs & Workforce Initiatives

Hunter Cortez

Academic Support Specialist

Monique Crochet

Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement & Community Engagement

Greg Doiron

Commercial Vehicle Operations Instructor/Department Head

Clint Domangue

Machine Tool Technology Instructor

Krystal Dozier

Finance Coordinator

Jodi Duet

Associate Vice Chancellor for Academics & Effectiveness

Jaclyn Dufrene

Enrollment Specialist

Jessica Falgout

Recruiting & Benefits Specialist

Terri Ferreira

Surgical Technology Clinical Coordinator

Charles Fontana

Liberal Arts and Humanities Department Head, History Instructor

Rebecca Freese

Enrollment Specialist

Melissa Frentz

Nursing Instructor/LPN-ASN Coordinator

Greg Gaspard

System Administrator

Robin Gaudet

Cardiopulmonary Care Science Coordinator/Instructor

Sara Gaudet

RN Instructor

Angela Gengarelly

WorkReady U Program Director

Crystal Gienger

Special Assistant to the Chancellor

William Gold

Maintenance Repairer 1

Derika Gray

LPN Instructor

Jonathan Greer

Electrician Instructor

Susan Guerrero

Dean of Business, Education, Arts, Math & Science

Ethan Guidry

Director of Student Affairs

Stacey Guidry

Psychology Assistant Professor

Frannie Guillot

Assistant Director of Talent

Beth Hall

Administrative Assistant

Crystal Hatch

Nursing Instructor

Trace Hebert

Commercial Vehicle Operations Instructor

Lindsay Henderson

Surgical Technology Instructor/Department Head

Lindsey Henry

Nursing Instructor

Brandon Hill

Biology Instructor

Eric Jeffers

Director of Facility Services & Safety

Briana Juneau

Director of Enrollment, Advising, and Retention

Maya Kennedy-Sanchez

Enrollment Services Data Coordinator

Alexis Knight

Interim Director of Institutional Research & Assessment, Registrar

Christie Landry

LaSTEM Region 3 Director

Amy Lane

Math Assistant Professor

Kelly LaRussa

English Instructor

Bonnie Le

Music Associate Professor

Glenda LeCompte

BEAMS Dean's Coordinator

Albert Lirette

IPT Department Head

Cassie Lirette

General Accountant

Stacey Luna

Nursing Instructor

Joy Lymous

Enrollment Specialist

Gina Marcel

Executive Director of Talent

Chloe Martin

Desktop Support Technician

Moses Massey

Maintenance Repairer I

Roye Matherne

Administrative Coordinator IV

Misty McElroy

Marketing & Communications Director

Dr. Mark McLean

Vice Chancellor for Finance, Administration & Strategic Initiatives

Joanna Menard

Nursing Instructor

Janet Michot

Manager of Student Accounts and Grant Compliance

Therese Mobley

Outreach and Instruction Librarian

Jessica Mouton

Technical Services Librarian

Dr. Ana Nanney

Vice Chancellor for Enrollment & Student Development

Katie Nolan

Information Technology Manager

Kelly Ortego

Business Instructor

Grant Pellegrin

Career Services Project Manager - H2Workforce

Madison Pellegrin

Executive Assistant

Dean Pitre

Drafting & Design Technology Instructor

Ray Pitre

Administrative Assistant 4

Ryan Portier

Machine Tool Technology Instructor

Keith Prejean

Electrician Assistant Master Instructor

Stacy Prejean

Math Instructor

Alexandria Prosperie

Tutoring Center Coordinator/Learning Specialist

Andrea Randolph

Enrollment Specialist

Janel Ricca

Director of Job Placement

Ronald Robinson

Maintenance Foreman

Gary "Mike" Robison

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Instructor

Calvin Rodrigue

Industry Outreach & Training Specialist

Laurie Rodrigue

Coastal Coordinator

John "Wylee" Rogers

English Instructor

Lauren Sanders

Enrollment Specialist

Patricia Scales

Nursing Instructor

Schriever Security

Schriever Security

Thibodaux Security

Thibodaux Security

Mindy Self

Nursing Instructor

Brandy Sevin

Office Systems Instructor/Business Department Head

Nedina Shavor

Nursing & Allied Health Workforce Coordinator/Instructor

Lucy Shicksnider

Development Coordinator

Alton Simmons

Maintenance Repairer II

Loni Simoneaux

CDYC Instructor

Jason Thibodaux

Line Worker Instructor

Hannah Thomas

Math Instructor

Brittany Toups

Nursing Instructor

Kerry Toups

Nursing Instructor

Elizabeth Trahan

Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration

Dr. Danielle Vauclin

Dean of Nursing & Allied Health

Kenneth Verdin

Marketing Specialist

Trevor Vicks

STEM Center Program Coordinator

TuyetNhu Vo

Math Instructor

Olivia Walker

Nursing Instructor/ASN Coordinator

Crystal Wendell

Executive Assistant

Chera Woods

Accounting Assistant

Myron Wright

Business Instructor

Ismat Zareen

CTEC Instructor

Ashley Zeringue

Business Instructor