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Electrocardiograph Technician


Thank you for stopping by! The Electrocardiograph Technician program is one semester long. Seating is limited and is based on available clinical space.

Program Overview

The Electrocardiograph Technician program prepares individuals, under the supervision of physicians and nurses, to administer ECG diagnostic examinations and report results to the treatment team.  You will learn about basic anatomy and physiology, the cardiovascular system, medical terminology, cardiovascular medications and effects, patient care, ECG administration, equipment operation and maintenance, interpretation of cardiac rhythm, patient record management, and professional standards and ethics.


Acceptance to Fletcher Technical Community College does not guarantee acceptance into the Electrocardiograph Technician program. Admissions to the Electrocardiograph Technician program is based on program progression with continuing Patient Care Technician majors receiving priority seating. Remaining seats are offered based on application date. To apply to the Electrocardiograph Technician program, please complete the program checklist and application found under the links tab and submit to the Department of Nursing and Allied Health along with required documents.

Things to consider before applying to the Electrocardiograph Technician program:

Students must meet minimum score requirements:

  • ACT: English – 16 & Math – 15
  • Accuplacer Classic: Writing – 77 & Elementary Algebra – 46
  • Accuplacer Next Gen- Writing 225 & Math QRAS – 242


Test scores can be combined with official transcript(s) to meet required eligibility.

Must be eligible for Engl 1000 and Math 0098/Math 1160 or higher.

  • Students must submit a background check clear of any felony conviction(s).
  • Students offered admission into the program must pass random drug screen(s), submit proof of current TB test, immunization records (Tetanus – Diptheria shot within the last ten years) Hepatitis B series must be started, MMR and Varicella titers.

Salary & Career Outlook


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