Tutoring Services are a vital part of a student’s college experience. Fletcher employs professional tutors educated and trained in the disciplines in which they tutor. We also use an online academic learning center management software called ConexED. This allows students to book appointments for tutoring.

  • Tutoring is a free service offered to all students enrolled in courses at Fletcher.
  • Located in rooms 125, we have specialists in Math and English.
  • Faculty members from every discipline also provide tutoring services in the Student Success Center.
  • Online tutoring is offered through ConexED for Math, Science and English.
  • Appointments can be booked from any computer or mobile device with tutors using ConexED.

Tutoring Center Policies

Our goal is to provide students with the support and resources they need to succeed in their academic endeavors. In order to ensure a productive and safe learning environment for everyone, we have established a set of policies and guidelines that must be followed by all students utilizing our tutoring services. These policies are designed to promote fairness, respect, and academic integrity while also protecting the rights and privacy of our students. We encourage you to review these policies carefully before coming to the tutoring center, and please don't hesitate to ask our staff if you have any questions or concerns.

Tutoring Center Policies



Mastering Canvas is essential for your college journey. Our specialized course empowers you to confidently navigate and leverage Canvas.

Learn how to:

  • Navigate with ease
  • Submit assignments
  • Engage in discussions
  • Access course materials efficiently
  • Stay organized and on track

This course will require a Canvas login. Enroll now and unlock the full potential of Canvas. Your success with Fletcher Learning begins here. Click this Student Intro to Fletcher Learning link or the button below to get started.


Tutor Scheduling with ConexED: Your Path to Success!

Do you need academic support? Scheduling a tutoring session is now easier tahn ever with our ConexED scheduler. Follow these simple steps to connect with a tutor:

  • Make an Appointment: Access the ConexED scheduler by clicking the button below or visiting this ConexED Scheduling link.
  • Log in: Once in the scheduler, click on the circular Falcon icon and log in using your Canvas/LoLA credentials.
  • Choose Your Subject: Select the subject you need help with from the available options.
  • Pick a Date: Choose a date that fits your schedule for the tutoring session.
  • Select a Tutor: Browse through our experienced tutors and choose the one you would like to work with.
  • Choose your format: Decide whether you would like to schedule an in-person or online session.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your understanding and excel in your studies. Schedule your tutoring session today through ConexED. Your academic success is just a few clicks away.


Ready to make an impact? Join our tutoring team and help fellow students thrive. Gain valuable experience, enhance your skills, and give back to the community.

As a volunteer tutor, you will:

  • Assist peers in challenging subjects
  • Foster a supportive learning environment
  • Strengthen your communication and leadership abilities

Become a part of a rewarding journey. Apply now to volunteer. Together we can achieve academic excellence. Click this Fletcher Tutoring Volunteer Form link or the button below to sign up to be a volunteer.



Courtney Chiasson
(985) 448-5955

Video chat on ConexED with Courtney Chaisson