Automotive Technology

The Automotive Technology Program prepares a student to engage in the servicing and maintenance of all types of automobiles. Students will learn to select, safely use, and maintain hand and power tools, jacks, and hoisting equipment. Instruction in the diagnosis of malfunctions and the repair of engines; fuel, electrical, cooling, and brake systems; drive train; and suspension systems are all also included in the program. CIP 470604

Fletcher’s program prepares students for the certification test given by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence and for employment as:

  • Automotive technicians and mechanics
  • Tune up technicians
  • Transmission technicians
  • Front-end mechanics
  • Automotive parts technician


Students who successfully complete an Automotive Technology program will be able to: 

1. Demonstrate the use of tools and equipment used in the automotive service industry. 
2. Describe the theory of operation of automotive systems. 
3. Diagnose and document component failures. 
4. Inspect, adjust, repair or replace automotive components. 
5. Work safely and in compliance with regulation and industry standards. 
6. Locate manufacturer specific information.


CTC-Engine Repair Technician (6)
CTC- Transmission Technician (8)
CTC-Steering and Brakes (9)
CTC- Electrical Technician (8)
CTC- Heating and Air Conditioning (6)
CTC- Engine Performance Technician (10)
CTS- Power Train Technician (19)
CTS-Electrical Technician (18)
CTS- Engine Performance Technician (20)
TD-A/C & Refrigeration Technology (47hrs)

Salary & Career Outlook


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