Technical Studies


The Technical Studies program offers students an opportunity to earn an associate degree in areas in which the College does not offer specialized degree programs. The Technical Studies program will allow a student to select one of two options. All students will complete eighteen credit hours of general education courses. The program is not designed for transfer: It is designed to prepare students for immediate employment. All courses are to be selected in consultation with an advisor.

Fletcher offers an Associate of Applied Science in Technical Studies with a concentration in a specific area. Concentration areas include 3 technology options:

  • Manufacturing (Machine Tool & Welding)
  • Transportation (Automotive & Marine Diesel)
  • Construction Services (Electrician, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, & Integrated Production Technologies)

Students who successfully complete a Technical Studies Degree program will develop in the following competencies and at least one expected student learning outcome for each:

  • Developed in Sense of Community
    • Recognize the diversity of the local and global community.
    • Analyze societal issues and demonstrate an understanding of those issues to foster cultural sensitivity.
    • Formulate interpersonal relationships that expand the sense of community.
  • Developed in Critical and Creative Thinking
    • Identify, analyze, and assess real-world situations.
    • Employ critical thinking to make logical decisions and solve difficult problems.
    • Illustrate creative thinking through various media.
  • Developed in Quantitative Reasoning
    • Understand quantities and relationships between quantities and develop an understanding of arithmetic skills.
    • Indicate an understanding of the scientific methods.
  • Developed in Communication
    • Express ideas clearly, creatively, logically, and appropriately in Standard English.
    • Show an understanding of texts and evaluate the effectiveness and relevancy of texts.

AAS- Technical Studies


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