The need for Cybersecurity is evident in that over three million Cybersecurity positions are unfilled globally. In the United States, the current need for Cybersecurity professionals equals 359,000 positions. Fletcher’s programs are accessible and affordable; culturally responsive and provide opportunities and mentorship throughout the program; built with hands-on learning to gain practical experience and develop the skills needed to succeed; provide career pathways to allow students to achieve the education needed for meaningful employment opportunities; and focused on providing more opportunities for low income, minority, and adult learners with the scholarships and grants provided by the state and federal governments. This Associate of Applied Science program is offered 100% online. If attending full time, you can complete your Associate Degree in two years with several certifications available along your educational journey.


The Associate of Applied Science in Cybersecurity provides students with the skills needed to manage an organization’s network security needs. The program prepares individuals to function as entry level network security specialists and includes instruction and technologies to keep network assets secure, conduct forensic analyses, perform encryption techniques, and manage organizational security. CIP 11.1003


In the courses listed below, students are prepared for the following certifications.

  • CTEC 1010 - TestOut IT Fundamentals Pro
  • CTEC 1020 - Python (Certiport Exam)
  • CTEC 1550 - TestOut Network Pro
  • CTEC 1700 - TestOut IT Client Pro
  • CTEC 1720 - TestOut IT Linux Pro
  • CTEC 2200 - TestOut IT CyberDefense Pro
  • CTEC 2550 - TestOut IT Routing and Switching Pro (TestOut Exam)
  • CTEC 2630 - CompTIA Cloud+
  • CTEC 2870 - TestOut IT Security Pro


Recipients of the Associate of Applied in Cybersecurity will be able to: 

  • Plan, install, and configure computer hardware, firewalls, networking software and operating system software.  
  • Read and interpret technical literature and convey technical information through verbal and written communications.  
  • Analyze and solve real-world security issues while understanding legal and ethical concerns. 
  • Demonstrate security awareness in order to react to new developments in their field.  
  • Utilize critical thinking skills to collect, analyze, and interpret technical data collected through investigation and experimentation. 


Fletcher’s program prepares students for employment in the following areas:

Computer Support Specialists
Computer and Information Technology Occupations


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Cybersecurity Associate of Applied Science Degree Curriculum