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This Ed2Go course is designed for first time Team Leaders and Supervisors but can benefit anyone that a company would like to have leadership training. Prior to the start of the course each participant will be given a Knowledge Check Handout. This handout will also be given at the end of the course to gauge learning. The course discusses supervisor pitfalls such as micromanagement and handling difficult situations and how to avoid or deal with them. Many supervisors wonder how did they end up in a leadership role once they are there and realize the responsibility. This course discusses qualities of a leader and enhancing leadership qualities. They will learn how to communicate their expectations, how to give employee feedback and establish boundaries for employees. Case histories will be read and discussed.


This Ed2Go course is designed for Managers, front line leaders, supervisors, team leaders, group leaders and others who are responsible for maximizing the performance of others. Prior to the start of the course each participant will be given a Knowledge Check Handout. This handout will also be given at the end of the course to gauge learning. Video vignettes will show workplace conflict and the resolution of that conflict. A workbook is provided in this course that will allow participants to take notes during the vignettes and have healthy class discussion afterwards. It will also present case studies and the group will participate in role play activities. It will explain the five steps of the conflict management process and how to apply it. Conflict will happen in every workplace. This course allows you to learn the process of handling it thereby reducing your stress level and making the workplace a healthier and happier place.


The purpose of this Ed2Go course is to aid participants in identifying and enhancing interpersonal skills needed to support more effective team interactions. Participants will be given the tools to create an outcome that will exceed what they could have achieved individually by having many team building exercises and discussions. Throughout the course, participants will explore how to develop skills, such as building a strong team that has good communication and positive reinforcement. All aspects of this course address the challenges of working with different personalities to make a cohesive team and enjoy professional success with personal enrichment that teams can bring.


This course provides instruction on today’s customer service, its challenges and its impact on business. Today, everyone in an organization provides service. Today’s customers expect more and have less tolerance for inferior service. In today’s economy, an organization’s health may be predicted by its customer satisfaction level. This course gives participants the knowledge, tools, and skills to satisfy each customer in each transaction. Retention of material is enhanced by the use of a wide variety of instructional methodologies, including exercises, activities and role play. If you are interested in learning more about or enrolling in this course, please complete this form: Non-Credit Business Courses Information Request Form.


Time Management is designed to improve employee performance by providing an enhanced awareness of organizational values and to develop a high performing employee who can set priorities that benefit the company. Employees who are able to set goals and achieve them are a valuable asset to a company. The Ed2Go course talks about time wasters that cut into profit margins. Identifying priorities and establishing a plan of action will create an employee with good work ethic and aid in the company’s success. SMART goals and planning tools are discussed with employees. All of these aspects of the course will recreate the employee’s thought process on how to successfully accomplish tasks. When an employee feels accomplished, they feel better about themselves and become a better employee.


The APICS Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD) Learning System is a comprehensive professional development and certification preparation training program.  The program combines reading material and interactive web-based study tools and tests plus an optional instructor-led option to enhance your learning effectiveness. By the end of this course you will:

  • Learn how to manage logistics as a cohesive system.
  • Understand the trade-offs to present a logistics strategy that aligns with the organizational strategy.
  • Create efficient forecasts to better align supply to demand.
  • Planning, designing and controlling processes which manage and execute customers’ orders.
  • Maintaining inventory levels to align with the business strategy and goals, supporting the coordination of supply and demand, while protecting inventory value.
  • Moving goods and services throughout a firm’s supply chain, between where products are produced and where they are consumed, while allowing for competitive growth.
  • Identifying macroenvironmental factors of global logistics that impact countries and organizations around the world.
  • Designing the network of warehouses and transportation lanes to enable supply to be provided at the place and time of demand.
  • Developing a comprehensive reverse logistics strategy.


Interested in becoming a Notary?  This course is taught in two formats. One is a 7-week course which meets two nights each week, and the other is a 13-week course meeting one night each week. Both are designed to prepare you for the Notary Public Examination. The course follows the Fundamentals of Louisiana Notarial Law and Practice study guide. Concepts covered to prepare you for the exam are The Notary at Civil Law, The System, Civil Code Concepts, and Notarial Practice.

Students must purchase Fundamentals of Louisiana Notarial Law and Practice study guide available from the Office of the LA Secretary of State for approximately $100 at 

To learn more about Notary Prep courses, please click this link:


This Ed2Go course helps prepare individuals for diversity in today’s workforce. Through self, cultural and corporate exploration, attendees will discover highly effective strategies to work together as a team despite differences in age, ethnicity and personality. Experiential activities are an integral part of this course in order for participants to learn through reflection, critical analysis and synthesis.


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