Enrollment Verifications

Fletcher Technical Community College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to act as our agent for all enrollment and degree verifications.

Students have access to the National Student Clearinghouse’s Student Self-Service portal

Through Student Self-Service, students can perform a wide range of enrollment verification activities via the web at no cost, including:

  • Print enrollment certificates
  • View enrollment history
  • Check enrollment verifications that the Clearinghouse has provided to student service providers on their behalf
  • View student loan deferments
  • Identify servicers for their private and FFEL student loans

Students can access Student Self‐Service by following the directions below.

  • Log-in to LoLA using your student login and password.
  • Select the Student tab on the LoLA hompage
  • Select the Clearinghouse Self-Service link under the Academic Links section

Third party requests and organizations (such as prospective employers and background screening companies) must submit a request directly with NSC. Please visit www.degreeverify.org to request an enrollment or degree verification.

Enrollment Verifications

Enrollment verifications may be requested for current enrollment/enrollment within the past six months. Verifications of current enrollment are issued at a charge of $2.50. Enrollment verifications will provide you with certification of the semester start and end dates as well as your enrollment status—full-time, half-time, less than half-time.

Degree/Attendance Verifications

Degree verifications may be requested for undergraduate certificate, diplomas, or degrees earned or for previous attendance if the student did not earn a certificate, diploma, or degree. Degree/attendance verifications are issued for a charge that ranges between $12.50 and $39.99.

Request a Verification
Please note that there are fees associated with verification requests.