Nicholls as Home Institution

Process for Nicholls Students enrolling in courses at Fletcher:

  • Determine what courses you want to take at the host school (Fletcher) and submit an application
    • View Fletcher’s class offerings by clicking the following link: Semester Schedule of Classes.
    • Select the term for which you are applying to cross enroll then click submit.
    • Search for the course you are interested in and make note of the course subject, number, section, and five-digit course reference number (CRN) associated with the section. You will need this information for your application.
    • For example: For English Composition I, you will need to know ENGL 1010, A, 10005.
  • Complete a cross-enrollment application by clicking the following link: Cross-Enrollment Application – Nicholls Home Student

Once your cross-enrollment application is received, reviewed, approved, and processed by Fletcher, you will be contacted by Fletcher via the email address that you submitted on the application. Fletcher will then notify Nicholls of your cross enrollment. After receiving this notification, Nicholls will review, approve, and process your cross enrollment with Fletcher. A course will be added to your Nicholls registration for the purpose of charging you tuition for the cross-enrolled course(s).

Your cross enrollment request is not complete until you receive email notification for BOTH schools. You must be registered in classes at your home school before the cross enrollment can be fully processed. If at any point you wish to change your requested courses, please do so via an email to (Please do not resubmit the application.) If at any point you wish to CANCEL your cross enrollment, please do so via an email to your home school at