Cross Enrollment


A student will be eligible to take one credit hour at the host institution for each credit hour taken at the home institution, with a maximum of six credit hours taken at the host institution per semester/session. Exceptions will be considered individually and must be approved by both institutions. The student’s home school is the school at which the student enrolls in the majority of his/her credit hours.

For example: For a student enrolled in 9 credit hours at Fletcher and 3 credit hours at Nicholls, Fletcher is the home school and Nicholls is the host school.

Other details to keep in mind:

  • Tuition and fees are paid at the home school.
  • Applicable fees, such as registration fees, lab fees, etc., are paid by the student to the host school. Financial aid such as a Pell grant, a TOPS scholarship, or a loan can only be applied to the tuition and fees at the home school.
  • Fees charged to the student by the host school are not covered by financial aid.
  • The TOPS Tech Scholarship does not pay for academic classes; therefore, Fletcher home students cannot use TOPS Tech to pay for academic courses taken at Nicholls.
  • Cross enrollment does not carry over from semester to semester. A new cross enrollment application must be submitted for each semester the student wishes to be cross enrolled.


 Cross-Enrolled Host Students must follow the

  • Academic Calendar
  • Academic Policies
  • College Procedures and
  • Student Code of Conduct of the Host Institution in all matters related to enrollment at the host institution.

It is the Student’s Responsibility to become familiar with the

The Parking Decal of the Home School will be honored by the Host School; however, it is the student’s responsibility to become familiar with the parking procedures and guidelines of the Host Institution.

Cross enrollment applications must be submitted by the specified deadline as indicated in the College’s academic calendar.


Nicollette Bergeron, Assistant Registrar
(985) 448-7951

Alexis Knight, Registrar
(985) 448-7939