Professional development 

Fletcher Technical Community College is committed to developing faculty and staff. We realize that employees value and require planned, structured, and thorough professional development that begins upon hire and continues throughout employment so that they can offer quality customer service and perform the job with confidence and competence.

We have a Professional Development Committee with faculty and staff subcommittees to provide individual opportunities for both groups. Professional development is offered at the beginning of the Fall & Spring semesters and throughout the year.

  • Orientation
  • Falcon Academy for Leadership Advancement (FALA)
    • The Academy is led by the Chancellor and focuses on leadership practices and principles in the context of Fletcher, our community, the LCTCS and higher education at the State and National level. The program includes readings, mentorship, and presentations on selected topics. The program is open to any employee who has served at Fletcher for one year or more and has an interest in developing their leadership skills in preparation for career advancement.
  • 9 Principles by Studer
  • Endowed Professorship
  • Mentor Program
    • The program focuses on making new employees feel welcome, transitioning new employees into the college and increasing employee retention.
  • Succession Planning
    • The program focuses on identifying long-range organizational human resources needs and cultivating a supply of internal talent to meet those future needs.  It is used to anticipate the future needs of the college and to assist in finding, assessing and developing the human resources necessary to realize the strategy of the college. It can also increase retention of top performers and drive deeper engagement of managers by "owning" talent development.
  • Falcon Nest Egg
  • Suggestion Box
  • Louisiana Community and Technical College System (LCTCS)