Request for Credit by Examination

Fletcher Technical Community College administers credit examinations to students who profess special competence gained through practical experience, extensive training, or completion of courses in non-accredited institutions. A student seeking credit by examination will initiate the process by completing this form. Before the credit examination will be administered, the testing fee ($25) must be paid and the request must be approved by the appropriate department head/dean and instructor. Once approved and the testing fee is paid, the student will then schedule an exam time with the instructor. Results of the examination will be recorded on the application by the instructor. The instructor records the result of the exam and submits the results to the Office of Student Affairs.

Please keep in mind:

  • Only students enrolled at FTCC are eligible to take credit examinations.
  • The course for which credit is sought must be included in the current catalog/handbook.
  • Student may not test for credit for any course that the student has previously audited.
  • Student may not test for credit for any course that the student made an unsatisfactory/non-passing grade in.
  • Student may not repeat a failed credit examination.
  • Student must make a grade of C or better to receive credit. The received credit will be recorded as a grade of P for pass.