Degree Works

Degree Works is a web-based tool that enables students to monitor their academic progress towards degree completion at Fletcher. Students can see how specific college requirements have been satisfied and which ones are outstanding. Degree Works is designed to enhance the academic advising process with your academic advisor.

What is a Degree Works Audit?

A Degree Works audit is an online version of a degree checklist. It provides a review of past, current and planned coursework, as well as information about satisfied and unsatisfied degree requirements.

Can I access Degree Works on any computer?

Yes. Degree Works is accessible on the LoLA website. Any computer that can access LoLA can access Degree Works.

How Do You Read a Degree Works Audit?

Audits are organized by blocks. The blocks display the requirements needed for a specific degree, major, concentration, etc. These blocks will help you see what is needed in order to satisfy the requirements within each area.

What Do All of the Symbols Mean?

  • Complete – A green box with a check mark will appear next to all requirements that have been completed within the audit. The row will be highlighted light yellow and will display the course(s) that fulfilled the requirement along with the grade and the semester in which the course was taken.
  • Not complete – a red box will appear next to all requirements that have not yet been completed within the audit. The row will be highlighted light red and will display the course(s) that can be used to complete the requirement.
  • Prerequisite required –  An asterisk (*) may appear next to a course indicating that there is a prerequisite or co-requisite required for that course. If you click on the course, the prerequisite or co-requisite will be listed.
  • In-Progress/Preregistered – A blue box with a tilde (~)  will appear next to courses that are currently in progress and any blocks which will be completed after a course in progress has been successfully fulfilled. The row will be highlighted a light blue and “REG” will be displayed in the grade section.
  • Nearly complete – A blue box with a double tilde means that course requirements are complete, but a component is not yet met, example minimum GPA, etc.
  • Includes passed, in-progress, & pre-registered courses – A double asterisk  (**) will appear in the Major block next to credits applied if the total credits includes passed, in-progress, and pre-registered courses.
  • Transfer class –  (T) indicates that a course was accepted as transfer credit. The school where the course was transferred in from and the original title of the course will display.
  • Any course discipline/number – The @ sign acts as a wildcard and means “any.” It may be used after a subject code which means any course within that subject. It can also be used by itself which means any subject – any course number. Examples: PSYC @ means any psychology course. MATH 2@ means any 2000 level math course.

How current will my information be in Degree Works?

The information in Degree Works is refreshed each night. Any change(s) made (i.e. grade changes, dropping and adding of classes, course substitutions, etc.) will be seen in Degree Works the next day. Contact your advisor if you believe there is inaccurate or missing information on your Degree Audit.

Can I see a list of all the classes I’ve taken?

Yes. On the Audit tab, click on the Class History link at the top for a printable list of courses taken as well as transfer courses.

What Can I Do Under the Various Tabs?

There are two main tabs that appear at the top of your Degree Works audit: Worksheets and GPA Calculator. Within each of these tabs, there are specific features that are designed to help guide you on the road to graduation.

Worksheets Tab: Worksheets is the tab for your Degree Works audit. This tab includes the “What If” and “Look Ahead” features.

  • What If: The “What If” feature allows you to see how far long you would be in your academic career if you were to change your major.
  • Look Ahead: The “Look Ahead” feature will allow you to see an audit showing courses for which you plan to register in future terms.

GPA Calculator Tab: allows you to track and plan for your GPA, especially if your department has a minimum GPA requirement.

  • Graduation Calculator: This can be used to give you a general view of what grades you will need to earn throughout your remaining credits in order to achieve your desired GPA.
  • Term Calculator: allows you to plug in your projected grades for your current courses and see how they impact your overall GPA.
  • Advice Calculator: can be used to determine specific grades needed to achieve a desired GPA. It is more specific than the graduation calculator.

How do I change my degree/program?

A student who wishes to change his/her program of study after enrolling must complete a Program Change Request form. A student who changes programs must meet all of the program and course entry requirements for the new program. In some circumstances, requesting a change may require a student to complete additional courses. A student who requests a change to a Nursing or Allied Health program, will be enrolled in the pre-clinical portion of the program or in general studies until such time that the Nursing and Allied Health department determines the student’s eligibility for admission to the clinical portion of the program. The student will then need to complete the admission process required by the Nursing and Allied Health department. Upon changing programs additional requirements may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • having a high school diploma or Adult Education Diploma
  • meeting the required entrance exam scores for the program
  • meeting the required entrance exam scores for any additional courses
  • meeting the age requirements for the program
  • meeting the immunization requirements of the program

Enrollment Services will review all requests for program changes. If the student does not meet the requirements, the student will be informed of what he or she needs to do to meet the requirements.

My advisor told me that a course I took would be substituted for a requirement. Why doesn’t this information appear in my audit?

Contact your advisor or the Registrar’s office to resolve any substitution issue.

If all of the boxes are checked, does that mean I’m graduating?

Degree Audits are not official documentation for graduation. You must complete an application for graduation. The application will be processed. Missing requirements will be communicated to you through your campus email.

How do I apply for graduation?

Students apply for graduation by submitting a graduation application. Once a graduation application has been submitted, the submission will be e-mailed to the appropriate program coordinator to verify a student’s eligibility to graduate.

Is my degree audit the same as my official transcript?

No. Although both documents will show all coursework completed, they are arranged differently. Your transcript is arranged by each semester and is the final and official documentation of your academic record at our institution.