Fletcher Technical Community College Awarded $199k for Mental Health Initiatives

Fletcher Building

Schriever, LA - Fletcher Technical Community College (Fletcher) is proud to announce the receipt of a $199,198 grant from the Louisiana Department of Health. This funding will be instrumental in enhancing direct mental healthservices, increasing education and outreach about the importance of mental health, and expanding the pipeline of behavioral health professionals.

With this grant, Fletcher plans to make significant investments in several key areas:

Contracted Mental Health Services: Fletcher will enhance its direct mental health support by contracting with professional mental health service providers. This initiative aims to ensure that students have timely and effective access to mental health care.

Scholarships for Mental Health Studies: To encourage students to pursue careers in mental, behavioral, or allied health fields, Fletcher will establish scholarships. These scholarships aim to build a robust pipeline of future professionals dedicated to addressing mental health needs in the community.

In the second phase of this initiative, Fletcher will further advance its commitment to mental health by focusing on the following areas:

Cultural Competency Training: The college will provide specialized training for faculty and staff to improve cultural competency in handling mental health crises. This will equip educators with the necessary skills to support a diverse student population facing mental health challenges.

Wellness Space Creation: A dedicated wellness space will be established on campus to offer a tranquil environment for students to de-stress and focus on their mental well-being. This space will serve as a hub for relaxation, mindfulness, and mental health resources.

"Investing in mental health services and education is crucial for the success of our students and the community" said Dr. Kristine Strickland, Chancellor of Fletcher Technical Community College. "We are honored to receive this grant and look forward to making a lasting impact."

This initiative underscores Fletcher’s commitment to fostering a supportive educational environment and addressing the critical need for mental health resources. Through these efforts, Fletcher aims to not only support its students but also contribute to the health and wellness of the wider community.