Fletcher Technical Community College Receives $100,000 Energy Efficient Upgrades from Entergy Solutions

Energy Efficient Upgrades Check Passing

Schriever, LA – Fletcher Technical Community College is proud to announce the completion of a significant project aimed at enhancing energy efficiency on its main campus. With the support of the Entergy Solutions program, Fletcher has upgraded its building automation system (BAS) enhancements alongside mechanical and lighting upgrades, resulting in substantial energy savings and improved sustainability practices.

The main goal of this initiative was to reduce energy usage within the institution. Entergy Solutions partnered with Fletcher Technical Community College to implement high-impact measures aimed at lowering energy consumption. The BAS underwent a thorough assessment, followed by necessary repairs and adjustments to restore optimal functionality. The system was then optimized by commissioning agent, Green Coast Enterprises. With the BAS now operating at peak performance, Fletcher anticipates significant reductions in energy bills and fewer maintenance requests in the future.

Dr. Mark McLean, Vice Chancellor for Finance, Administration, & Strategic Initiatives at Fletcher, expressed his enthusiasm for the project's success, stating, "Fletcher is benefiting from the optimization of its facility automation system and LED lighting upgrades performed through the Entergy Solutions program. The Entergy Solutions project team was engaged and extremely supportive of Fletcher's efforts and needs throughout the process. Fletcher looks forward to continuing its partnership with Entergy as we work individually and collectively to meet the needs of the community."

The Entergy Solutions program, instrumental in facilitating this endeavor, offers incentives to Entergy Louisiana customers to undertake energy-saving upgrades in their facilities. This initiative aligns with Entergy's commitment to promoting sustainable practices and reducing energy consumption. With $100,000 in incentives, the project at Fletcher is estimated to save approximately 1,325,000 kWh annually, resulting in an estimated $130,000 in annual savings.

“Our partnership with Fletcher Community College represents a major milestone in our commitment to driving energy efficiency and fostering a brighter, more sustainable future for all,” said Phillip May, Entergy Louisiana president and CEO. “Together, we have worked tirelessly to enhance training opportunities available to Louisiana’s workforce. This collaboration not only benefits the college, but also serves as a beacon of innovation and excellence within our community.”

Fletcher is committed to making its campus more energy-efficient and sustainable. Initiatives such as the Entergy Solutions program play a crucial role in achieving these goals. Fletcher continues to lead by example in embracing environmentally-responsible practices for the benefit of its students, staff, and the wider community.