Fletcher Business Department Head Named Among Top Finalist For LCTCS Teaching Award

Fletcher Business Department Head Named Among Top Finalist For LCTCS Teaching Award

(Schriever, LA) – Fletcher Technical Community College (Fletcher) is delighted to announce that Brandy Sevin, Business Department Head at Fletcher, has achieved recognition as one of the top six finalists for the coveted Louisiana’s Community and Technical Colleges System (LCTCS) President's Award for Teaching Excellence. This accolade acknowledges exceptional educators within LCTCS who consistently demonstrate excellence in various key criteria, including instructional effectiveness, student focus, discipline, competence, and personal attributes.

"To be an exceptional teacher, one must embrace a lifelong journey of growth and development, and having a strong support system of team members who celebrate excellence and provide unwavering support, even in the face of failure, is what makes the pursuit of dreams possible," expressed Brandy Sevin upon receiving news of her nomination.

Chancellor Strickland praised Brandy's outstanding contributions to the institution, saying, "Brandy's passion, dedication, and innovative approach to teaching embody the cultural values we hold dear at Fletcher Technical Community College. Her unwavering commitment to our students and her relentless pursuit of excellence make her a true asset to our institution."

Brandy Sevin's dedication to her craft and her unwavering commitment to her students' success have earned her a place among the top finalists for this revered award. Her innovative teaching methods and her exceptional ability to connect with and inspire students set her apart as a remarkable educator.

The Louisiana's Community and Technical Colleges System (LCTCS) is a renowned educational network that focuses on providing high-quality, accessible, and affordable community and technical college education across the state of Louisiana. The system is dedicated to fostering excellence in teaching, promoting student success, and supporting workforce development, ensuring individuals have the skills and knowledge needed for successful careers in various fields.