Ways to Give


Donors may wish to create and name a scholarship with a one-time contribution or a pledge commitment for several years. The donor can determine the criteria for the scholarship. Once the proceeds from the scholarship have been awarded to a student(s), the fund is depleted and the scholarship ends. Donors have the option of contributing to the scholarship on a recurring annual basis to ensure that the fund remains in effect.


Endowed Scholarships

A donor may wish to create and name an Endowed Scholarship by making a one-time or pledged contribution (payable over a period of up to five years) of a minimum level of $10,000. Once the minimum endowment level of $10,000 has been reached, the funds are invested for one year. After one year, the interest earned from the funds may then be awarded to the student(s). The principle will remain intact in perpetuity. Funds may be added to the named endowed scholarship at any time.


Program or Department Support

Fletcher provides classroom instruction, hands-on training, and field experiences that are unmatched in many higher education settings. As such, the financial needs for supporting these programs vary according to technology needs, equipment requirements, instructional costs, supply expenses, etc.


Facilities with a Purpose

In May 2013, the Louisiana House of Representatives approved Senate Bill 204 (SB204), now called ACT 360 of the 2013 Louisiana Legislative session, as a statewide initiative to improve Louisiana’s Community and Technical College facilities.

In accordance with the Act, the entire Louisiana Community and Technical College System became eligible for the issuance of bonds for financing of capital improvements and facility enhancements contingent upon a 12% private match of the assigned state match for each College.

Under the ACT, Fletcher Technical Community College applied for a new facility, Career Center. The Career Center will enhance the College by providing a one-stop-shop for all students’ services and industry partners.

Contributions will serve as matching funds for ACT 360, and funds must be received thirty days before the issuance of state bonds.


Tribute Gifts

Gifts given to the Fletcher Foundation in memory of, in honor of, or in special recognition of an event, such as someone’s birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc., are a generous and thoughtful remembrance of that person. When you make a tribute gift, the honoree or family member is notified that the gift has been given in their name. (The dollar amount of the gift is never revealed.)

To make a tribute gift, simply include the tribute information as an enclosure or attachment with the gift. Please include the individual’s name, address, city, state, zip, and the reason for the tribute. If you choose to make a memorial gift, please include the name and full address of the person(s) whom we should notify that the memorial gift has been made.


Planned Gifts

Planned gifts or planned giving is another way to support the Fletcher Foundation and often enables the donor to make a larger gift than normally might be made through annual income such as wages. A planned gift may be made during one’s lifetime or at their death as part of an estate plan. Planned gifts may come in the form of appreciated stock, real estate or proceeds from a life insurance policy, an IRA beneficiary designation or a retirement plan designation. It is important that the donor notify the Fletcher Foundation of the gift to ensure that it will meet the criteria of the Foundation’s Gift Acceptance Policy.

The donor is encouraged to discuss the planned gift with a qualified charitable gift planner or other professional advisor to determine the most appropriate gift that will meet their needs as well as the goals of Fletcher Technical Community College.

Share your Plans – If you choose to name the Fletcher Foundation as a beneficiary, please let us know of your plans by contacting the Executive Director of Institutional Advancement. This will enable us not only to show our appreciation of your generosity, but also to include your support in planning for the future of Fletcher.


Naming Opportunities

There are many naming opportunities for individuals, businesses and corporations interested in attaching their name to a building, laboratory, classroom, study area, or other area.


Current Naming Options for the Career Center:

  • $650,000 – Name on Exterior of Building
  • $250,000 – Industry Meeting Room
  • $50,000 – Testing Lab
  • $25,000 – Financial Aid, Admissions, Advising
  • $10,000 – Conference Room
  • $5,000 – Counseling & Disability Services
  • $2,500 – Individual Offices & University Center Office


Employee Giving

Employees are invited to participate in the Fletcher Foundation Employee Giving Campaign. This college-wide effort can assist with institutional priorities such as scholarships, professional development, program support, and on areas of greatest need. The employee designated how their donation is spent.

Employees can give two ways.

  • Payroll Deduction – automatically deducted from the employee payroll check per pay period
  • Single Donation – a onetime payment

Employees decide on their contribution amount and both options are tax deductible.