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Career Services

Career Services provides career assessments, resume’ building, interviewing skills, job search assistance, and internet etiquette to all current students and alumni.


Students are encouraged to make an appointment with the Career Counselor prior.  What to expect at your appointment:

  • Career counseling offers a chance for you to find out about yourself. If you’re not sure what type of job you’d like and be good at, schedule to take an inventory to get some insights.
  • Come prepared to discuss your current major/career status.
  • Be prepared to discuss your interests and goals for the future.
  • There are brochures, pamphlets, and handouts that you may use for future guidance.
  • Remember, the career counselor will NOT tell you what job/major is best for you, but will give you more information to help you decide on your own.


Don’t have a resume? Utilize the FREE resources on our College Central Network site! Our Career Counselor will assist you with updating and creating a resume, as well as a cover letter.


Students should come prepared with a resume and/or cover letter and be prepared to discuss short and long term goals. The career counselor will go over key components to a successful job search and provide specific tools, tips, and resources for student success.


Approved employers may post full time, part-time, seasonal or internship job opportunities.  The resume builder template, calendar of events, career resources and announcements of interest can be accessed through the link below. All services other than resume reviews are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These services are available to credit and non-credit students and alumni, as well as employers.

College Central Network


In addition to our Career Fairs hosted every semester, we give employers the opportunity to come set up an area on campus to recruit students. To schedule a date to have a set-up on campus, please contact Caitlin Bruce. In addition to scheduling a date with Career Services, supply us with a flyer announcing the jobs that are for hire so that we can distribute that to students prior to your company coming on campus. This helps students come prepared with a resume and talking points for the recruiter.

College Central Network is great place for employers to post jobs and review resumes. If your employer is not already registered on CCN, head over and register. You will get updates when we host events on campus, you will be able to review resumes and profiles of potential students, and you will be able to post job openings.


There are a few services that the Career Counselor can provide for you:

  • Guest Lecture:  Interview Skills, Resume Tips, Internet Etiquette and more.
  • Career Assignment Support: Assists with mock interviews and resume critiques as part of a classroom grade

To request either of these services, please contact the person listed above.