Level 1 - Wellspot LA

Breastfeeding-Friendly Workplace ChampionBreastfeeding-Friendly Workplace

Fletcher Technical Community College is designated as a Level 1 WellSpot by the Louisiana Department of Health and a Breastfeeding-Friendly Workplace Champion by the Louisiana Breastfeeding Coalition. We at Fletcher demonstrate our commitment to the health and wellness of our college community.


Worksite Wellness Planning Activities/Offerings


Coming Soon

  • Healthy Cooking Demos
  • Farmer’s Market Pop Up
  • Recycling
  • Spa/Massage Days



  • Web
  • Social Media
  • Email Blasts
  • Employee & Student Boards


Employee Quotes:

  • “Great place to work.”
  • “I love our Fletcher family coming together to live a happier & healthier life!”
  • “I love the effort being put into employee wellness! It really is motivating to me!”
  • “I’m so happy to see this at Fletcher! You guys have a great thing going.”
  • “I enjoy the events where we interact with our co-workers.”
  • “I feel better throughout the day.”


 Worksite Wellness Planning Survey


The survey is anonymous and the results are key to a continued successful worksite wellness program for our college. This survey is comprised of questions to collect information regarding our current offerings to ensure our program is planned and implemented with your outlook in mind. We look forward to great wellness program years.





Danielle Vauclin, Lindsey Henry, Allison Adams, Stacy Luna - Who's Walking Wednesday Ana Nanney, Gina Marcel, Angie Pellegrin - Who's Walking Wednesday
Who's Walking Wednesday - Martha Bardwell, Crystal Gienger, Liz Papadelis, Britnie Massey, Danielle Vauclin, Stacey Luna Liz Papadelis, Crystal Gienger - Who's Walking Wednesday
Susan Guerrero, Greg Gaspard, Liz Papadellis, William Lopez - Who's Walking Wednesday Roye Matherne, Leah Gautreaux, Danielle Vauclin - Who's Walking Wednesday
Chancellor Kristine Strickland - Who's Walking Wednesday Little Free Library
Little Free Library End of Semester Potluck and Scrabble. Come Join the Fun! Date: Thursday, May 10th. Time: 11:00am-1:30pm. Place: Schriever Main Campus, Room 112. Prize for the Champ! Potluck Sign-up - Contact Crystal Gienger, 448-7909, Crystal.Gienger@fletcher.edu. Scrabble Sign-up - Contact Gina Marcel, 448-7929, Gina.Marcel@fletcher.edu, (See Attached Rules). Because this event is during office hours, please be mindful that we need to maintain coverage to provide great customer service to our students and community. Supervisors must use their discretion in determining which members will attend.
End of Semester Potluck and Pictionary. Come Join the Fun! Date: Thursday, December 5th. Time: 12:00pm-3:00pm. Place: Schriever Main Campus, Rooms 213 & 217. Potluck Sign-up - Contact Crystal Gienger, 448-7909, Crystal.Gienger@fletcher.edu. Scrabble Sign-up - Contact Gina Marcel. Games will begin after Donna Estrada's Retirement Celebration Biggest Loser. $10. Join by 8/20. 8/20-11/12 - 12 Weeks. Winner Takes All - 11/12. % Loss. Only two weigh-ins - 8/20 & 11/12. Contact Information - Gina Marcel - 7929, Frannie Guillot - 7930, Britnie Massey - 5904.
Stress Management. Fletcher Technical Community College Lunch-n-Learn. Taco Bar - Wednesday, December 1st, 11am-12pm, Schriever Main Campus, Room: 217. Open: Is stress bad for our health? How we think about stress matters. Tools & Tactics: Adopt a positive "stress mindset." How our body responds to stress. Recognize signs of stress. Openly discuss stress. Culture of care. Activity: Perceived stress scale. Other activities to reduce stress: Power of perspective. Time management grid. Presenter: Casey Kuktelionis, Studer Education. Host: HR & Professional Development Committee.