Fletcher cares about our students, faculty, staff and our Community. During these uncertain times, we want to make sure you have the resources you need to practice self-care. The links and resources cited on this page will direct you to local resources available at this time as well as resources that promote self-care.

Languishing…. not a word we use a lot, and yet, many people are struggling with how COVID, the pandemic, and the new normal feels. Psychologically speaking languishing is characterized by brain fog, apathy, listlessness, and loss of interest in life which feels like a loss of vitality or a sense of persisting with no reward or movement in sight. We binge watch Netflix instead of doing homework…not really depressed, but not really happy either…

Here’s a mental health tool for your toolkit to help deal with some unfamiliar states of being.

Dealing with text anxiety? Here’s a quick and easy way to relieve text anxiety whether you’re testing online or in the classroom.