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Accommodations & Disability Services


Angie Pellegrin, MA, LPC-S

(985) 448-7943

1407 Hwy. 311, Office 200-F, Schriever

Briana Juneau, M.Ed.

(985) 448-7942

1407 Hwy. 311, Office 127-B Schriever

Voter Registration Assistance

Voter Registration Assistance is offered when a student requests Academic Accommodations with our Student Success personnel. Louisiana citizens can also go to to register.


Disability Services

Student Success is a division within Student Services. Our purpose, in regards to providing services for Students with Disabilities, is to provide testing and classroom accommodations and referrals for on-campus and off-campus resources that will ensure students with disabilities the opportunity to receive a college education on a level playing field with their peers. Our mission is to empower students with disabilities to competitively pursue higher education.

To receive accommodations, you must first send in proof of your disability via medical documentation or IEP forms.

Options for sending in your medical documentation or IEP forms:

On campus and online accommodations are set up through our office by Student Success personnel. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 985-448-7942 or

Scholarships for Students with Disabilities