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Briana Juneau, Assistant Director of Student Success

(985) 448-7942

Academic Advising

If you are unsure of what you want to choose as a major or what career path you want to take, you can consult with one of our professional Student Success Coaches or our Director of Student Affairs in the Student Success Center.

You can find out who your personal academic advisor is through your LOLA account.  This assignment is made each semester approximately one month into the semester.  We have shared the steps with you below.

How to schedule an Advising Appointment. Are you ready to register for courses next semester? Use this guide to help. Start -> Do you know who your Academic Advisor is? Yes, If you are above 30 credit hours, check to see if your advisor has changed. No, Login to your LoLA account and follow these steps: LoLA > Student > Academic Profile > Advisors. -> Schedule a meeting with your advisor through ConexED -> Follow these steps: > FalconNet > ConexED > Student Directory Support Search -> Check your Academic Profile on LoLA to make sure your classes are marked as "Registered" -> You're Enrolled. Student Success Center - (985) 448-7900 -


If you do not have an advisor listed, please contact Briana Juneau, Assistant Director of Student Success.

If you interested in taking online courses only and have questions or concerns regarding online learning please

Continuing students

If, at any time, you would like to speak to an academic advisor, you may make an appointment with them through ConexED.  Or, email us at  You can access our schedules below.  We would be happy to meet with you.

Video chat on Cranium Cafe with Briana Juneau
Advises the following programs: Cardiopulmonary, Medical Laboratory Technical, Pre-Nursing, Surgical Technologies
Video chat on Cranium Cafe with Andrea Randolph
Advises the following programs: Child Care and Development (First Semester), General Studies, LA Transfer
Video chat on Cranium Cafe with Carly Clark
Advises the following programs: Accounting, Business, Criminal Justice, Drafting and Design, Integrated Production Technologies, Office Systems, Technical Programs (First Semester)

Advising Dates