Welcome from the Dean of Marine, Avionics, Energy Production, and Science Programs (MAES)

Greetings prospective students. Imagine earning a two-year degree or technical diploma that qualifies you to start earning $60-80,000 per year! Some of the highest paid jobs in our region are in marine, avionics, energy and science fields. Currently we have degrees in the oil and gas energy sector (Integrated Production Technologies) as well as supporting degrees such as geology and environment sciences. Soon we hope to add programs in nautical science and aviation maintenance technician (AMT). The AMT program will have applications in fixed wing, vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), and unmanned (drones) aircrafts. The skills you will obtain in any of these programs will guarantee you a lifetime of gainful employment in these job sectors as well as others (including but not limited to chemical manufacturing and marine transportation). Check out the program links on the left side of this page.  More links will be added as new programs become available.





Dr. James R. Dire