Petition for Academic Amnesty

Academic Amnesty allows students to restore their academic standing at the College by eliminating the previous academic credit from the current grade point average. By completing this form and submitting it to the Registrar’s Office the student certifies his/her understanding of the academic amnesty policy as listed below

  • At least three years must have elapsed between the end of the semester in which the student was last enrolled for credit at any college or university before being enrolled at Fletcher or re-enrolling at Fletcher.
  • Persons previously granted academic amnesty/renewal by another institution may not be granted academic amnesty by Fletcher.
  • Fletcher may grant academic amnesty to a student only once.
  • Official transcripts from each school attended (other than Fletcher) must have been submitted to Fletcher’s Admissions Office.
  • Requesting amnesty does not guarantee approval. Academic amnesty petitions are reviewed by the Registrar, the Dean of the College, the Vice Chancellor of Instruction.
  • Student must request academic amnesty at the time of application for admission/re-admission or before the end of the first semester of enrollment/re-enrollment at Fletcher.
  • Students will not be granted academic amnesty if any prior coursework is being used as prerequisites or as part of the current program of study or if the student has previously received an award from Fletcher Technical Community College.
  • If granted, all courses and grades from previous institutions or previous semesters at Fletcher will be entered on the student’s academic record; however, credits will not be used in the calculation of the grade point average. (Student may not retain selected courses or grades.)