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So You want to Learn about Forensics?

Forensics is an interesting field and highly sought after career path. Hear from a Senior Forensics Investigator who has been in the field for 30 years take you through actual cases worked as the case is explained. From crime scenes to investigation you will see case photos and discuss what happens behind the scenes that you never see as a citizen. Be ready to ask all those forensics questions you don’t know who to ask?  Is one of them “How do you become a forensics investigator?”  Enroll and find out!


Investigating Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

This class is designed for law enforcement, social workers and coroner investigators but everyone should definitely register. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the leading cause of deaths in infants 1 to 12 months old. Come experience the aspects of a real investigation and then take part in a 1 hour fact-finding reenactment with the instructor who has 30 years of experience in investigations.


Introduction to 3D Modeling and Animation

This 2 hour course offers an introduction and overview of 3D modeling and animation. This course is intended for those interested or just curious about 3D and those that may wish to pursue further formal instruction. Participants will be shown the basic elements of developing a 3D project. These elements include 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, shading, camera views, and rendering. Participants will also be introduced to the complex world of 3D animation. Finally participants will see examples of finished 3D projects and how they were developed from inception to completion.


3D Modeling and Animation

The learning sessions progress from learning the 3D software user interface, file and project management, 3D modeling and scene development, coloring and texturing, animation basics, and lastly rendering a final visual product whether a still or animation.


Line Dancing, Beginner

This course will cover the basics of line dancing including basics steps such as the grapevine and dances including the cha cha slide, the freeze, and the electric slide.


Line Dancing, Advanced

This course will cover advanced line dancing including the bunny hop, cupid


Starting a Nonprofit?  5 Things to Consider Before you Dive In.

Do you have a great cause that you are really passionate about? Maybe you want to give back to your community, maybe you want to form a foundation in honor of a loved-one, or maybe you feel a professional industry needs representation. All of these ideas are certainly worthy of careful thought and planning. This course covers basic information about forming a non-profit organization.


Addiction in the Workplace

Substance abuse is a major problem in the workplace that safety managers and supervisors must address daily. This course is designed to make you are of the nature and extent of substance abuse in the workplace and help you develop an approach to handling these problems. Initially, we will study alcohol and other drugs, licit and illicit (including prescription and over-the-counter drugs) that can effect human behavior and/or performance in the work place Then, we will look at the components of programs designed to attack the problem of substance abuse in the workplace.


Interdisciplinary Leadership

This course will explore leaders and leadership situations. The objective of the course is to extract insights, which can be applied to the approach to and perceptions of leadership.  The course will examine how to develop as leaders and common characteristics among them. Learn the keys elements of leaders and a framework for discussing leadership. Engage in critical thinking about the differences between management and leadership, interpersonal effectiveness, holistic communications, conflict resolution, leadership behaviors, team building, coaching, styles and global context.


Employee Engagement

Examine why Employee Engagement is so important and valuable. Explore how to foster and measure employee engagement and link it to key organizational goals and outcomes. Components include discussions of strategies to not only retain employees but attract them, inspire and support them, train them and enable them to lean and give them opportunities to grow. Drivers, traits, motivation, and development of an action plan to be included.


Time Management

Time Management is designed to improve employee performance by providing an enhanced awareness of organizational values and to develop a high performing employee that can set priorities that benefit the company.

Employees that are able to set goals and achieve them are a valuable asset to a company. The course talks about time wasters that cut into profit margins. Identifying priorities and establishing a plan of action will create an employee with good work ethic and aid in the company’s success. SMART Goals and planning tools are discussed with employees. All of these aspects of the course will re-create the employee’s thought process on how to get things accomplished successfully. When an employee feels like they are getting things accomplished they feel better about themselves and become a better employee.


Stepping into Leadership

This course is designed for first time Team Leaders and Supervisors but can benefit anyone that a company would like to have leadership training. Prior to the start of the course each participant will be given a Knowledge Check Handout. This handout will also be given at the end of the course to gauge learning. The course discusses supervisor pitfalls such as micromanagement and handling difficult situations and how to avoid or deal with them. Many supervisors wonder how did they end up in a leadership role once they are there and realize the responsibility. This course discusses qualities of a leader and enhancing leadership qualities. They will learn how to communicate their expectations, how to give employee feedback and establish boundaries for employees. Case histories will be read and discussed.


LCAI (Louisiana Contractor’s Accreditation Institute)

Course offered two times per year – January and August

The Louisiana Contractor Accreditation Institute (LCAI), a partnership between the Louisiana Community & Technical College System (LCTCS), Louisiana Economic Development (LED), and the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors LSLBC assists small and emerging construction businesses. Taught by industry leaders via distance based learning. Participants will learn about construction management and how to prepare for the General Contractors State Licensing Exam. Students who complete the training will get a certificate of completion and will be able to apply for bonding assistance through LED. The course includes the following topics:

  • Bid Processes
  • Contract Management
  • Estimating
  • Equipment & Business Management
  • Scheduling
  • Occupational Safety
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Management
  • Bonding/Access to Capital
  • Certifications
  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Louisiana Contractor Licensing Exam Review


For more information go to and click on Small Business and then “Special Programs for Small Business” and select Louisiana Contractors Accreditation Institute.


Louisiana Notary Exam Preparatory Course

Course offered two times per year – January and August

Interested in becoming a Notary?  This 13 week course is designed to prepare you for the Notary Public Examination. The course follows the “Fundamentals of Louisiana Notarial Law and Practice” handbook. Concepts covered to prepare you for the exam are The Notary at Civil Law, The System, Civil Code Concepts, and Notarial Practice.

Students must purchase The Louisiana Notary Public Examination Official Study Guide available from the Office of the LA Secretary of State for approximately $100 at


Coming soon: Service Professional Skills/Customer Service

This course provides instruction on today’s customer service, its challenges and its impact on business. Today, everyone in an organization provides service. Today’s customers expect more and have less tolerance for inferior service. In today’s economy, an organization’s health may be predicted by its customer satisfaction level. This course gives participants the knowledge, tools, and skills to satisfy each customer in each transaction. Retention of material is enhanced by the use of a wide variety of instructional methodologies, including exercises, activities and role play.



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