Payroll – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Human Resources located?  What are the hours of operation?

Human Resources is located at the Schriever campus on the Second Floor in Room 209.  Our office hours are 7:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

2. When is my electronic timesheet available?

The first day of the pay period.

3. How do I correct/adjust my electronic timesheet after submission?

  • Before deadline – Supervisor should return for correction.
  • After deadline / Before approval – Supervisor should correct.
  • After approval – Supervisor should inform HR as soon as possible.

4. When is payday?

All employees are paid bi-weekly on Friday.  View the Holiday/Payroll Calendar to determine the next payday.

5. How do I access my paycheck advice?

Paycheck advices are sent to your Fletcher email address the day before payday. Paycheck advices can also be located in LoLA under Self Service (Employee/Pay Information/Pay Stub).

6. Where do I obtain an explanation of my paycheck advice?

View Paycheck Advice Sample.

7. If I think my paycheck is incorrect, what should I do?

Contact Human Resources.

8. I am a new employee and I have not received a paycheck. 

A new employee is placed in the HR/Payroll System when all pre-employment requirements have been met, and all necessary paperwork has been received in Human Resources.  If you are unsure of your status, contact Human Resources.

9. I lost my paycheck, what should I do?

Contact Human Resources immediately so that a stop payment request can be processed.  A replacement check will be issued on the next regular pay cycle, pending receipt of the stop payment confirmation from the bank.

10. How do I enroll in Direct Deposit or change my Direct Deposit information?

Complete a Direct Deposit Form and submit to Human Resources for enrollment and changes.  Changes may be entered by the employee, instructions are located in LoLA.

11. How long does it take to get my Direct Deposit started?

The direct deposit will occur on the 1st payroll following your election.  You will receive a “check advice” electronically from LCTCS indicating that your pay was direct deposited to the account you specified.

12. How do I change the amount of tax withheld from my paycheck?

Complete, sign & date the W-4 Form for Federal or the L-4 Form for State, then submit to Human Resources. Changes may be entered by the employee, instructions are located in LoLA.

13. How do I access my W-2 form?

Employees who have consented to receive their W-2 electronically may access it in LoLA by January 31st.  See W-2 Retrieval Instructions.  Employees who opted out of the electronic W-2 will receive it via mail by January 31st.