LCTCS Award Winners

LCTCS 2018 award winners

Congratulations to LCTCS 2018 Award Winners

Schriever, LA – Chancellor Dr. Kristine Strickland is proud to announce Fletcher Louisiana Community and Technical College System (LCTCS) 2018 awards winners: Ana Nanney, Greg Gaspard, Stacy Prejean and Jenny Meleen. The award recipients will be recognized at LCTCS Conference Day in New Orleans on Thursday, September 27, 2018. The recipients were nominated by Fletcher faculty and staff. There were four separate categories to which nominations were submitted based on the employees’ position. Nominations were solicited from all full time faculty and staff members for outstanding professional staff award, outstanding faculty award, outstanding professional support staff award and distinguished retiree award.


Top Row Left to Right: Ana Nanney, Executive Director of Enrollment, Outstanding Professional Staff Member Award; Greg Gaspard, IT Department, Outstanding Professional Support Staff Member Award.

Bottom Row Left to Right: Stacy Prejean, Mathematics Faculty, Outstanding Faculty Member Award; Jenny Meleen, Retired Cardiopulmonary Care Science Director of Clinical Education/currently an Adjunct Instructor, Distinguished Retiree Award.