GTTP Launch

Falck Safety Services & Fletcher Technical Community College Collaborate to offer a

Global Technician Training Program (GTTP)


Schriever, LA – On February 1, 2018, Falck Safety Services and Fletcher Technical Community College hosted an Open House at Fletcher’s BP Integrated Production Technologies Building. The purpose of the Open House was to introduce a new Global Technician Training Program to business and industry leaders. Based on Falck Safety Services global footprint and Fletcher’s programs, both entities realized the opportunity to partner and co-develop and deliver a fit-for-purpose technician training program.


Course development began in February 2017 with the design of 38 modules, 3 levels of training, 4 craft areas, and various course methodologies for Global Technician Training Program (GTTP).  Both entities agreed that participants in the program would earn National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) credentials upon successful completion of several courses. NCCER is recognized by industry as the training, assessment, certification and career development standards. Relevant NCCER materials were used to develop Levels 2 & 3 GTTP courses.


On Thursday, February 22, 2018, Falck Safety Services and Fletcher Technical Community College will be hosting another Open House in Houston, Texas (15621 Blue Ash Drive, Suite 150).  For more information, please email


Listed below are GTTP course offerings:

  • Principles and Applications of Predictive Maintenance
  • Care and Maintenance of Flanges, Joints and Fittings
  • Function of Distributed/Integrated Control & Safety Systems
  • Functions of Equipment in Electrical Generation and Distribution Systems
  • Components and Operation of Gas Processing and Storage Systems
  • Hydraulic Components and Applications
  • Principles and Components of High Voltage Systems
  • Care, Maintenance and Use of Industrial Hoses
  • Leak Testing Methodologies
  • Functions of Equipment in Low Voltage Systems
  • Types and Functions of Meters & Measurement Devices
  • Functions and Components of Pipelines, Manifolds and Pigging Operations
  • Types and Principles of Operation of Pumps
  • Principles and Use of Radar for Marine Technicians
  • Components and Operations of Relief Systems
  • Functions and Operation of Safety Instrumented Systems
  • Installation and Repair of Small Bore Tubing
  • Types and Principles of Operation of Valves
  • Principles of Operation of Variable Speed Drives in the Oil/Gas Industry
  • Maintenance of Pumping Systems
  • Analyze and Recommend Changes to P&IDs
  • Valve Maintenance and Management
  • Case Studies – Predictive Maintenance
  • Case Studies-Flanges, Joints and Fittings
  • Case Studies – Integrated Control & Safety Systems
  • Case Studies -Electrical Safety
  • Case Studies – Electrical Generation and Distribution Equipment
  • Case Studies – High Voltage Systems
  • Case Studies – Hydraulics
  • Case Studies – Leak Testing
  • Case Studies – Low Voltage Equipment
  • Case Study – Meters & Measurement
  • Case Studies – Pumps in the Oil/Gas Industry
  • Case Studies – Radar for Marine Technicians
  • Case Studies – Safety Instrumented Systems
  • Case Study – Small Bore Tubing
  • Case Studies – Valves in the Oil/Gas Industry
  • Case Studies – Variable Speed Drives