Creating Videos


Creating VidGrid Videos 

Step by Step 

  1. Record your own video (see instructions below) or Save a video file onto a flashdrive or  computer in one of these formats:
    VidGrid : In order for your video to process correctly, make sure the video is in one of the following formats:
    Video File Types:
    .avi .mov .wmv .mp4 .flv .m4v .mpg .mpeg .mpe .m4v .3gp .3g2 .webm .mkv .mts .ogv .ogg Audio File Types: mp3
    Creating or recording your own video:
    Follow the instructions in this video to record your own and features:
  2. Adding a video into Vidgrid
    Once you receive a log in, go to Vidgrid Recording in your Canvas course. You will see (My Grid, Shared with  me, Org Library and trash). You can press the blue button to record your own video or click the plus sign to  add a file or start a new folder. You can put several videos under one section. Note: I believe students will see  videos you have posted here. When you add a video, drag and drop or choose it manually from your computer  or flashdrive. The larger the file the longer it takes to load. Once you see the video, click on it to begin editing it.