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How Can I Schedule a Meeting?

Through your School’s ConexED Platform


Learn to schedule a meeting through your school’s ConexED Student Support Directory using your personal account.

  1. When you login to your ConexED user account, you will automatically land within the Student Support Directory. The default view will display all faculty/staff grouped together by department. (You can switch to “Show by Name” by clicking that button at the top of the screen.) Using your mouse or the search bar, locate who you would like to schedule an appointment with.
    ConexED Step 1
  2. Once you have found who you want to schedule an appointment with, click the “Schedule Meeting” button.
    ConexED Step 2
  3. Clicking the “Schedule Meeting” button will open the appointment scheduler. Next, select a reason for meeting.
    ConexED Step 3
  4. Select a meeting location and date
    ConexED Step 4
  5. Select an available time slot.
    ConexED Step 5
  6. Fill out the in-take form (if one appears).
    ConexED Step 6
  7. Click “Schedule Appointment.”
    ConexED Step 7