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Engineering Courses*

Design for Manufacturing*

Design for Manufacturability (also known as design for manufacturing) and assembly (DFM/DFA) is the application of process, method and art of creating cost effective product designs. The design stage is very important and ultimately influential in the end-product cost, quality, and time to market. Overall product life cycle characteristics are committed at design stage. The product design is not just based on good design or engineering factors but it should consider the through-put or manufacturing as well. What will be learned: This course will help employees analyze your company’s assemblies to introduce a practical DFM/DFA analysis methodology.


Design of Experiments* (2 day)

World-class manufacturing organizations rely on design of experiments (DOE) to understand and address the complex problems that pose major challenges to quality improvement and bottom-line savings. See how to accelerate decision making from data and reduce risk throughout your product life cycle. Learn easy and effective ways to manage data, see and model patterns, and explore improvement opportunities most efficiently. Learn to communicate results visually and effect change management. What will be learned: This course will help your employees determine which process changes are most likely to yield the greatest gains


Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing*

This course conducts a study of the GD&T system and is intended for those involved with product engineering, manufacturing or quality inspection. What will be learned: This is a course will have the following intended outcomes for the employees that include applying geometrical tolerancing in a systematic way, to ensure a specification is complete, & to avoid common mistakes, learn to read geometrical tolerances in a systematic way, and to recognize common errors and incomplete specifications.


*Courses designated for companies with manufacturing codes



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