David Raffray and Lynette Callahan participating in Louisiana Master Teacher Seminar

Congratulations! David Raffray, Electrical Instructor, and Lynette Callahan, Business Department Head/Computer Information Instructor, for being selected to attend 2018 Louisiana Master Teacher Seminar hosted by LCTCS. Only 30 participants were selected statewide. Participants will actively share and reflect on their professional teaching experiences. The Seminar is based on five premises:

  1. People will be positive and productive.
  2. People learn best from one another, from sharing their expertise. They have vast, sometimes untapped, knowledge about their profession.
  3. Diversity generates creative thinking.
  4. The collective wisdom and experience of the group surpass any individual or single approach.
  5. Less is more. Simplification is key to learning.

Outcomes for the Seminar:

  • Identifying and adapting best practices in the classroom with focus on increasing student success.
  • Increase openness and self-awareness, willingness and ability to solve problems, self-confidence, commitment to students and their learning, and respect for and trust in their colleagues.

The Seminar will be at Solomon Episcopal Conference Center on July 8th to 12th 2018. Travel expenses will be paid by the LCTCS.