Alumni Association Elects Officers

Fletcher Technical Community College

Schriever, LA – Fletcher Technical Community College’s Alumni Association recently inducted officers for the coming year.


Juan Clara, President, class of 2016

John Warren, Vice President, class of 2011

Andrea Verdin, Treasurer, class of 2016

Clayton Gibbons, Secretary, class of 2020

Alexis Knight, Ambassador, class of 2012

Joy Lymous, Ambassador, class of 2018

Jeanne-Morgan Grenon, Past President, class of 2016


“I would like to congratulate and welcome the incoming alumni board for Fletcher Technical Community College,” commented Fletcher Chancellor Dr. Kristine Strickland. “Our alumni throughout the community continue to represent the impact of the Fletcher education. We recognize and appreciate this group’s willingness to step forward and lead their fellow graduates in improving our community. I look forward to working with each of them as we enter a new year.”


Past events of the Alumni Association include a fundraising partnership with the Alumni Grill in Thibodaux to establish the Fletcher Falcon Alumni Burger, the Graduation Brunch and Awards Ceremony, and the Alumni Volleyball Fundraiser. The Alumni Association invites new members to fill out a connection form at