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Patient Care Technician


We are so glad you’re here! The Patient Care Technician Program prepares students for an entry-level position as a patient care technician. The program provides competency in the fundamentals of patient care and basic nursing skills, ECG and phlebotomy. Students will progress through the program with the opportunity to achieve certifications in ECG, Phlebotomy and  Nursing Assistant, with the ultimate achievement of the Patient Care Technician certification. Program graduates will be qualified for employment at hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care institutions.

Program Overview

The Patient Care Technician program consists of three separate programs which must be successfully completed: Nurse Assistant, Phlebotomy, and Electrocardiograph Technician. The Patient Care Technician program can be completed in three semesters. Seating is limited in each of the PCT programs and is based on available clinical space. Acceptance to Fletcher Technical Community College does not guarantee acceptance into the Patient Care Technician program. Students do not have to complete the programs in a particular order. We will try to accommodate requests, but if the desired program is full, students may be required to begin in a different part of the program.

  • The Nurse Assistant program is offered every fall, spring and summer semester.
  • The Phlebotomy program is offered every fall and spring semester.
  • The Electrocardiograph Technician program is offered in the summer semester only.

Award Level: Students completing the Certified Nursing Assistant Program, the Phlebotomy program, and the Electrocardiograph Technician Program will receive a Certificate of Technical Studies (CTS) in Patient Care Technician.


Students must meet the requirements outlined in the Patient Care Technician program checklist.


Salary & Career Outlook