Americans with Disabilities Act Policy
Annual Leave Usage Preceding Resignation, Termination or Retirement for Unclassified Policy
Background/Investigative Inquiry Policy
Child or Dependent and Spouse Tuition Reduction Policy
Civil Service Rule 6.5(g) – Extraordinary Qualifications Policy
Code of Conduct Policy
College Wide Email Address Policy
Consensual Relationships Policy
Contract Policy
Direct Deposit Policy
Discipline – For All Employees Policy
Discrimination Procedures
Drug Free Workplace Policy
Employment Relationship Policy
Engagement in Political Activity Policy
Equal Opportunity/Discrimination Policy
Family and Medical Leave For All Employees Policy
Grievance Policy
Harassment Policy
Holidays for All Employees Policy
Leave Record Establishment and Regulations for All Unclassified, Non-Civil Service Employees Policy
Nepotism Policy
Outside Employment Policy
Performance Evaluation and Salary Increases Policy
Post-Accident Drug Testing Policy
Sexual Assault Policy
Smoke Free/Tobacco Free Campus Policy
Transitional Return to Work Policy
Tuition and Fee Exemption for Full Time Employees Policy
LCTCS Human Resource Policies