Fletcher Technical Community College

Soar to New Heights.
Student Government Association

Our Purpose

  • To provide an intellectual, social, and cultural environment that maximizes student potential and enhances student success.
  • To provide equal representation for all students at Fletcher Technical Community College.
  • To focus on students' needs rather than institutional preference in determining priorities for academic planning, policies, and programs.
  • To serve as an institutional resource to further the development of the student as a contributing member of the community.

**Every student enrolled at L. E. Fletcher Technical Community College is a member of the Student Government Association.


Our Officers

  • SGA President - Jessica Fisher Courteaux
  • SGA Vice President - Cody Charles
  • SGA Secretary - Megan Deroche
  • SGA Treasurer - Johnson Nguyen

Left to right: Johnson Nguyen, Megan Deroche, Jessica Fisher Courteaux, Cody Charles


Benefits of Serving as an Executive Board Member

  • Gaining leadership experience
  • Providing Services to your Fellow students
  • Building your resume
  • Gaining experience in the field of Government
  • Traveling and attending very informative meetings
  • Being a voice for the Student Body