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Freshman/Transfer Student Requirements

The application can be completed online at If you wish to submit a paper application, please visit Student Services at

1407 Highway 311
Schriever, LA 70395

Application Fee (mandatory)
There is a mandatory, non-refundable application fee of $10. The fee is payable by cash or money order. Make your money order payable to Fletcher Technical Community College. If you choose to mail in the fee, be sure to write your name and date of birth on the money order and mail it to the address provided above. When it arrives at Fletcher, we will match it up with your application. You should send in your application fee as soon as possible after submitting the application.

Placement Test Scores
Placement scores are required for admissions; however, scores are used for program placement only and are not used in determining admission to the college except when academic achievement levels are required by a licensure board (such as the Practical Nursing Program). Transfer students may submit official transcripts from a college or university accredited by one of the six regional accrediting agencies as a substitution for the entrance exam. The transcript must contain sufficient information for placement (English and Math courses), otherwise it will be necessary to take the entrance/placement exam.

Fletcher accepts two types of placement test scores - ACT and/or COMPASS. ACT scores should be within 3 years of the expected date of enrollment. An applicant who needs to send ACT scores to Fletcher can do so through ACT's website: Fletcher's school code is 5033. COMPASS scores should be within 2 years of the expected date of enrollment.

If you do not have ACT or COMPASS scores, please visit Fletcher's Testing Center for more information.

Official College Transcripts (For Transfer Students Only)
Prior to the start of the planned semester, applicants must submit a complete and official transcript from EACH higher education institution attended even if credit was not or the credits appear on another school's transcript.  The transcript may be sent to Student Services from the issuing institution, or it may be hand delivered by the applicant in a sealed envelope from the insitution.

Official High School Transcript/GED
Transcripts will be accessed through a Student Transcript System for those who graduated from a Louisiana high school after May 2003. Any student who attended a Louisiana high school prior to 2003 or graduated from an out of state high school must submit an official high school transcript. Any student who obtained a GED must submit an official GED transcript.

*Transfer applicants who have not completed at least an associate's degree must provide a final high school transcript (if applying for an associate's degree program).  However, those applying to the Practical Nursing or Emergency Medical Technician Basic programs are required to submit an official high school transcript even if they have earned a degree at any level.

Home schooled students or a high school diploma or GED received from an online school or high school not approved by a state board of education will be handled on a case by case basis.

If a home-schooled student does not have a state approved high school diploma or GED, he or she must provide the following:

  • Proof he/she is 16 years of age or older
  • An official, current transcript for any coursework completed at any public/private high school (if applicable)
  • A complete list of the courses taken during the freshman through senior year of the home school home study program
  • A complete listing of the textbooks used during the course of the home school study program
  • Documentation from the state verifying completion of a SBESE Approved Home Study Program.

According to state mandates, Student Services must have on file a copy of a student's up-to-date immunization records. Student must submit a completed Proof of Immunization Compliance form or an electronic copy of his/her immunization from a public health clinic, physician's office, or military. If proof of up-to-date vaccinations cannot be obtained, please complete the appropriate wavier section of the Proof of Immunization Compliance form.

Proof of up-to-date immunizations include 2 MMR shots (measles, mumps, and rubella), a current tetanus-diptheria (TD) shot taken within the last 10 years, and a meningitis vaccination (for first-time freshman)

Occupations students must have all immunizations required by admissions and, depending on the program, may be required to have one or more of the following additional vaccinations:


  • TB Skin Test or Negative Chest X-ray
  • First Hepatitis B Vaccine


Proof of Selective Service
Male applicants who are 18-25 years of age must provide proof of Selective Service registration; this is a mandatory, non-negotiable requirement. Veterans of the armed services and males currently in the armed services or on active duty are exempt from the requirement. To register or obtain proof of registration, please visit

Proof of Louisiana Residency
Tuition paid by a student attending Fletcher is determined by the student's legal and permanent place of residence. Resident status is determined by evidence provided in the completed application for admission with necessary supporting documentation. A resident student is a student who has lived and/or worked in Louisiana for at least one full year (356 days) immediately preceding the first day of class of the semester of enrollment. Factors used in residency determination may include current address, length of time at that address, high school attended and date of graduation.

If the applicant is not a Louisiana resident OR cannot provide proof, he/she will be charged non-resident tuition.

The following are items that can be submitted as proof of residency:

  • Possession of a valid Louisiana voter registration card for at least one year;
  • designating Louisiana as his or her permanent address on all school and employment records;
  • possession of a valid Louisiana driver's license for at least one year;
  • possession of a valid Louisiana vehicle registration;
  • proof of paying Louisiana income taxes as a resident during the past tax year, including income earned outside Louisiana from the date Louisiana domicile was claimed;
  • proof of licensing for professional practice in Louisiana;
  • proof of marriage to a Louisiana resident. (verified by documents such as marriage license, spouse's birth certificate, high school diploma, tax forms, Louisiana employment verification);
  • proof of full-time employment for one year prior to classification of residency.

Non-residents must complete the Acknowledgement of Non-Resident Tuition Charges form and submit it to the Office of Admissions prior to registration. In order to appeal classification as a non-resident, the Application for Reclassification should be completed and submitted to the Office of Admissions prior to registration.

Additional Information
Nursing and Allied Health Programs may have specific admissions requirements in addition to the ones listed above. Please contact the Allied Health Department at (985) 876-8900 for specific admissions information regarding the following programs: Associate of Science in Nursing, Cardiopulmonary Care Science, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Nurse Assistant, Phlebotomy, and the Practical Nursing. Admission criteria is updated on a year-to-year basis. Interested applicants MUST follow the admissions criteria for the year in which they are applying.