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Louisiana's Taylor Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS) is a comprehensive program of state scholarships.  TOPS includes four award components:  TOPS Tech, TOPS Opportunity, TOPS Performance, and TOPS Honors.  Students may use any of the four awards at Fletcher; however, students eligible for TOPS Tech must declare a technical major.  Refer to the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance's website at for complete information on the four compoments.  TOPS Award Recipient's Rights and ResponsibilitiesTOPS Tech Award Recipient's Rights and Responsibilities.


Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA) unless they can demonstrate that they do not qualify for federal grant aid (Pell Grant).  We recommend that all student submit the FAFSA.

Students who can demonstrate that they do not qualify for federal grant aid may submit the TOPS On-Line Application on the LOSFA website.  The  On-Line Application will require students to certify that they do not qualify for federal grant aid, and to certify their citizenship, residency, and criminal conviction status.  You must know that those students who apply for TOPS by using the TOPS On-Line Application run the risk of being the first to lose their TOPS award in the event of budget issues.  You may want to be a little safer and complete the FAFSA!


At Fletcher, TOPS pays the following amounts per semester:

Tech Award $1,328.16./semester
Opportunity Award $1,328.16/Semester
Performance Award $1,328.16/semester
Honors Award $1,328.16./semester


Please click on LOSFA.  TOPS Renewal Requirements regarding all renewal requirements.  Remember, each award has different requirements.  You MUST know which award you are receiving in order to know the renewal requirements.


The recipient of a TOPS award must maintain continuous full-time enrollment, unless granted an exception.  To be granted an exception, the student/recipient must meet all TOPS requirements, except the initial, continuous or full-time enrollment requirement.  The student should complete and submit an Exception Request Form, with documentary evidence, to the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance as soon as possible after the occurence of the event or circumstance that supports the reinstatement request and must submit the request no later than six months after the date of the notice of cancellation.

For additional information regarding the TOPS program, visit