Fletcher Technical Community College

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Drafting & Design
Program Overview

The Drafting and Design Technology program prepares individuals to develop and design technical drawings and plans used in construction, engineering, and manufacturing.  The program provides students with instruction in fundamental manual drafting skills as well as training in several drafting disciplines using the latest technology of Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD).

Salary & Career Outlook

Fletcher's program prepares students for employment as Drafters and CADD technicians.  Since all manufactured items and construction projects must be designed and drawn before production, drafting and design professionals are needed in many fields including:

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics published in 2010, 50% of all jobs for drafters were in architectural, engineering, and related services firms that design construction projects or do other engineering work on a contract basis for other industries.  Though Drafters' earnings vary by specialty, location, and level of responsibility, the average annual earnings are between $45,100 and $53,020.