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Advance Standing or Re-Entry Procedure

Thank you for your interest in our Advanced Standing program for nurses.  Our mission details our dedication "to the intellectual development of students by mentoring them through the learning process.  This is accomplished by offering quality programs that facilitate the acquisition of the skills and qualifications necessary for employment, career advancement, and future learning in the profession of nursing and healh care."

The department of nursing accepts applications for Advanced Standing students for both the ASN and PN programs.  To request Advanced Standing admission to either pogram, the student must read the Advanced Standing Guide.

Documents the student will need to complete the application process include but are not limited to a Fletcher Technical Community College Application, the Nursing and Allied Health Application, and the Admission guide specific for the program of interest.  See links section for access to these documents.  All criteria outlined in the Admission guide for first-time nursing applicants apply to Advanced Standing students.  The dates of application deadline are listed below:

Fall Entry May 15th May 1st
Spring Entry December 1st  
Summer Entry May 15th  

 *If the application deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline will be moved to the next business day.