Fletcher Technical Community College

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FirstCall Instructions

FirstCall is an emergency notification system used by Fletcher Technical Community College to inform students, faculty and staff of an emergency situation via email, cellular, text or telephone. It may also used as a method of communication during hurricane evacuations. 

Users will be uploaded into the system with the following default information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Primary Email Address (School email address for faculty, staff, and students).

It will be your responsibility to log in and update necessary information or delete your account if you do not wish to participate.

To update your information:

  • Go to
  • Click Update Existing Contact Information
  • Click forgot my password.
  • Type in your email address. (Facutly and staff =; Students =
  • A temporary password will be sent to your email account.

Once you receive your password, you can log in and update your information.  The following information is optional.

  • Enter secondary email address: Optional (For personal email addresses such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.)
  • Enter Primary Phone: Required. (This may already be set, but can be changed.  It is recommended that a cellular phone be the primary number. In the event, the emergency occurs while you are on campus.)
  • Enter Secondary Phone: Optional (It is recommended that a land based telephone number be used in the event cellular service is interrupted.)
  • Enter SMS Device: Optional (Utilize this option to receive a text message of the emergency on your mobile phone.)
  • Click update information.

*If you wish to opt-out and not receive notifications, do not update information, click the Delete My Record button to the left of the screen.  Confirm to delete.