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Louisiana Marine and Petroleum Institute

Programs of study offered in the Marine Division are as follows:

Exit level designations for these programs are as follows:

  • TCA = Technical Competency Area Certificate: An applied course, or series of courses (1-12 hours) which provides a student with a specific technical competency area.
  • CTS = Certificate of Technical Studies: An applied technical program (21-33 hours) usually formed by combining multiple TCA's.
  • TD = Technical Diploma: An applied technical degree program (45-60 hours) formed by combining multiple CTS's and/or TCA's.
  • AAS = Associate of Applied Science Degree: An applied/academic degree program (60-72 hours), primarily designed to prepare students for immediate employment or career entry.

Degrees, diplomas, and certificates are issued only for the highest level of completion at the time a student exits a program, resigns, or completes a particular program of study. Associate degrees have general education requirements (GER). Refer to Appendix C of the Catalog and Handbook for approved general education courses.

Listing of a program does not necessarily mean that enrollment is accepted every semester. Program availability varies and start dates are often determined by the program coordinator. If no information is given in the program description, students should contact the department or the Office of Student Affairs to determine when the program is to be offered.

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