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Petroleum Division

Welcome to the Petroleum Department at Fletcher Technical Community College.  Thank you for your interest in our programs.  Our department is proud to serve  the petroleum industry by providing the Associate of Science Degree in Integrated Production Technologies and certification training in Medic First Aid and PEC.

One third of the oil produced in the U.S. comes from offshore, and 80% of offshore production comes from deep water off Louisiana.  The oil industry  directly employes about 58,000 Louisiana residents and indirectly another 260,000 oil-related jobs, accounting for about 17% of all Louisiana jobs.  These offshore jobs require highhly developed technical skills to work efficiently and safely.

 Fletcher Technical Community College  partnered with industry leaders to develope the Associate of Applied Science degree in Integrated Production Technologies to prepare potential workers to build a sustainable workforce.  This partnership continues to assist in improving the program and keeping it up to date with the latest technologies.  The Integrated Production Technologies AAS program combines lecture and hands on training to develop students' skills for the petroleum industry.  Students in the IPT program also take field discovery trips to industry sites to enhance the learning opportunity.

Listing of a program doesn't  necessarily mean that enrollment is accepted every semester.  Program availability varies and start dates are often determined by the program coordinator.  For more information you can contact the IPT department  by phone at 985-448-7950 and/or email or the Office of Student Affairs.

We are located at :
1407 Hwy 311
Shriever, LA 70395