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Fletcher Press Release - Spring Enrollment Up Nearly 9%


Contact: Jessica Thornton (985-448-7920)


Total enrollment for spring 2014 at Fletcher Technical Community College is 2254 students. This represents an increase of 185 students (+8.9 percent) compared to last spring’s enrollment of 2069.

“We are very pleased with these enrollment numbers” said Travis Lavigne, Chancellor. “Our faculty, staff, and students work very hard to make the college a success.”

Several notable programs experienced strong growth compared to last spring. Enrollment in the Marine Operations program now stands at 227 students, which is an increase of 69 students (+43.7 percent) compared to spring 2014. 140 students are enrolled in the Integrated Production Technologies program, which is an increase of 46 students (+48.9 percent) compared to last spring.

“Every member of the college community plays an integral role in enrollment” said Mickey Diez, Interim Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and Dean of Student Services. “While it is difficult to attribute the enrollment increase to one specific factor, our recent efforts have been to increase the focus on students and to ensure that we provide our students with the services and programs that they need to succeed.”

More students are finding the cost of tuition to be very attractive at Fletcher. Students can enroll in a full-time class load of 12 hours for only approximately $1,600 in tuition. Many students are eligible for financial aid, so that helps to make the cost even more affordable.

Fletcher continues to enhance its facilities to meet the growing student demand. The college recently opened its new 30,000 square foot BP Integrated Production Technologies building on the new Schriever campus. This summer the college will open the new Marine Operations building at the LAMPI campus in Houma. In addition, Fletcher will be adding a new Student Services building to the main campus in Schriever. The Student Services Building will house various student services offices such as admissions, financial aid, registrar, testing, counseling, and career services. The new Student Services building will serve as a one-stop shop where students can obtain all of the services they need for enrollment.

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