Frequently Asked Questions – Graduation


What is the dress code for the ceremony?

For gentlemen, it is recommended that clothing worn under the gown consist of dress shirt, tie, and dark colored dress pants. For ladies, it is recommended that clothing worn under the gown consist of dark colored dresses or dark colored pantsuits. Dark-colored dress shoes are to be worn as the cap and gown will be blue. Flip-flop type shoes are not allowed. Backless shoes are not recommended as you will be walking up steps to receive your award. Earrings should be modest in length; necklaces, chains, pendants, etc. should be worn under the gown. Jeans or Capri pants (which are longer in length than the gown) are not allowed.


Is there a limit to the number of guests I may invite & do my guests need tickets?

No limit and no tickets are required.


Is there a practice before the ceremony?

There is no practice; however, a week before the ceremony there is a mandatory meeting for all participants. Candidates will receive an email with the exact date, time, and location.


Are recipients of all award levels eligible to participate in the ceremony?

Candidates receiving a certificate of general studies, certificate of technical studies, technical diploma, or associate degree may participate in the ceremony. Candidates receiving a technical competency area certificate are eligible to participate if the declared program of study is Nurse Assistant, Electrocardiograph Technician, or Cardiovascular Medical Clinical Assistant.


When is the 2017-2018 Graduation Ceremony?

Students who graduate during the 2017-2018 academic year will be eligible to participate in Fletcher’s Graduation Ceremony in May 2018.