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3 Ways to Grow in Knowledge This Spring

Samantha Carpenter
Fletcher English Learning Specialist

With a little less than one month left of this semester, it can be so easy to fall into a slump. Motivation often seems to run dry, and you’re just ready for it all to be over. It may feel like you have five major essays due – for only two classes – and every assignment happens to be due at the exact same time. Did your teachers really conspire against you? Probably not, but it sure does feel that way, doesn’t it?


Before you know it, you’ll have turned in the last of your assignments, completed your final exams, and will be on your way to a much needed summer break.

But now is not the time to start slacking or half-heartedly throwing together your work. Think about how much time and energy you’ve already invested. It would be silly to throw that away now. Take a deep breath. Prioritize your goals and reward yourself for each small task that you complete. And determine, right here and right now, that you will finish this semester strong. The seeds that you planted at the beginning of the semester are ready to blossom into a beautiful garden, but you’ve got to nurture what you’ve already sown.

So let’s take a look at several ways that you can cultivate growth this spring to greatly enrich – and enjoy – your successful life.


Lorri Myers said, “If you want the answer – ask the question.” This spring, don’t just grow in academic knowledge, but grow in knowing yourself and the world around you. Like a child, always stay curious. As you’re studying for your finals, if you find yourself confused about a topic, don’t be afraid to ask questions or stop by the Student Success Center to meet with a tutor.

Grow in knowledge about yourself.

Tips for growing in knowledge about yourself: Ask. Take the time to discover yourself through journaling or going on a nice relaxing walk. Ask yourself what values, beliefs, personality traits, and interests set you apart? What are you unwilling to compromise? What brings you the most joy? Take yourself on a date; what activities do you enjoy most? Do you prefer to spend time in large groups or smaller, one-on-one settings? Do you learn best by using colored pens and drawing diagrams, or do you better remember your teacher’s lectures or something you’ve heard on the radio?

Grow in knowledge about the world.

Tips for growing in knowledge about the world around you: Explore. What is something that you do regularly? Where have you never gone before but always wanted to? What’s stopping you? Are there current events that fire you up or leave you confused? What’s a topic that you know absolutely nothing about? Read a psychology, political, or religious blog.

Grow in academic knowledge.

Tips for growing in academic knowledge: Practice discipline. As you learn more about who you are as an individual and how you best connect with the world around you, you can use this knowledge to help you build study habits that will help you achieve success in the classroom.


Check out this article from PsychCentral to learn 10 Highly Effective Study Habits.

Welcome back!

Samantha Carpenter
Fletcher English Learning Specialist

Welcome back from Spring Break!

Don’t you just love getting a break? At least you can catch up on those assignments in your pajamas from the comfort of your couch, stuffing your face with Oreos and binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. And nobody will judge you, right?

And I think it’s safe to say that after experiencing a cold, grey winter that lasted longer than a single weekend or two, I’m not the only person ready to trade coats, leggings, and chapped lips for sundresses, swimsuits, and uneven tans…and boiled crawfish. That’s one of my favorite things about springtime, the sense of newness and change that it brings.

In this same spirit of beginnings, I am excited for the launch of the Falcon Feed! It’s my hope to create an open conversation among faculty and staff, students, and the community. This is a place to learn more about what’s happening at Fletcher, to find quick and easily accessible tools and resources to help you achieve success in your studies (and life), and to have a little fun. I mean, who doesn’t like a good meme? Let’s be honest. They say what we’re already thinking and give us a good laugh!

cartoon character

“May your College memories last as long as your student loan payments.”


Don’t be shy. Interact. Leave your feedback, and share what interests you. This is an open dialogue—a virtual coffee date…or fro-yo if that’s more your thing. Is there something specific that you’d like to see here? Let me know! My colleagues and I are stoked to connect with you! Find us on Facebook to leave your comments!

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