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Computer Skills Courses

Microsoft Access

The learner will maintain data in Access tables; create tables and relationships; create queries, forms and reports; and summarize data and calculate in forms and reports.


Microsoft Word 2013 Core Essentials

The learner will create and edit documents; format characters and paragraphs; format and enhance documents; and formatting a document with special features.


Microsoft Excel 2013 Core Essentials

The learner will analyze data using Excel; Edit and format worksheets; use functions and setting print options; work with multiple worksheets, tabs and other file formats.


Microsoft Excel 2013 Advanced

Microsoft Excel 2013 has lots of time-saving tools. Do you know how to make the most of them? The modules in the course will show you how! This advanced course covers a wide range of topics, including advanced formula tasks, working with named ranges, using advanced functions, resolving formula errors, managing data, outlining and grouping data, working with scenarios, using Solver, the Analysis ToolPak, PivotTable features, using PowerPivot, and developing macros.  (Customization available for your office staff to fit your time and education needs)


Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Core Essentials

This one-level PowerPoint 2013 training course covers how to create, customize, and present an interactive slide show. Highlights of the course include using templates and variants; adding images, video, and audio to a slide show; organizing slides into sections; presenting a slide show online; and customizing the PowerPoint interface.


Cloud Computing

Ever wonder what Cloud Computing is? Saving to the cloud? How do you do it? In this workshop participants will create accounts using One Drive, Google Drive, and DropBox programs as well as learn how to save and retrieve files.


Introduction to Prezi

Learn how to navigate the Prezi canvas, create templates and presentations, edit and format, set paths, insert and embed images, customize colors, edit images, use themes, copy and past and add logos and music. Download and share your work will finish the training to make you successful.



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